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TURKEY 2021 Where to go? Izmir, Dalaman, Chemshe, Kaleici

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It is no longer a secret for anyone that Turkey is the most massive outbound tourist destination, since most tourists choose the Mediterranean coast of Turkey for their holidays. Where the largest tourist centers of the country are located - Izmir, Dalaman, Chemshe, Kaleici. Further in the video, we will try to figure out what is better and what is right for you.

The third most populous city in Turkey and the second largest port in the country after Istanbul. It is the administrative center of the Izmir province. Izmir has extreme sports for all tastes. Kitesurfing. Boarding while tied to a small parachute that floats in the air.

Hotel Aria Claros Beach & Spa Resort
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Hotel Club Cactus Paradise Hotel
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Region and city in Turkey. The city of Dalaman is located in the southwestern part of Anatolia, near the Mediterranean coast, in the province of Mugla. The population of the city is 22 people.

Tui Blue Tropical Hotel
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The One Club Hotel Sarigerme
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The better.
Chemse is one of the most expensive and oldest Turkish resorts, washed by the Aegean Sea. Even Ottoman sultans and nobles came here in the Middle Ages to improve their health in thermal springs.

Babaylon Hotel
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Hotel Biblos Resort Alacati
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Quarter in Antalya, located in Muratpasha district, the historical center of the city, surrounded by land fortifications and the sea. In Kaleici, buildings from different periods of the city's history have been preserved, starting with the ancient Roman one. The name "Kaleici" means "inside the fortress".

Otium Boutique Delight Hotel
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Otium Boutique Kaleici Marina Hotel
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