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Why should you choose Voronezh for travel?

Personal experience

In my subjective opinion, Voronezh is one of the most comfortable cities in the country.

The climate here is quite mild, and in summer the thermometer does not record the unbearable heat that is inherent for this time of year in some Krasnodar or Rostov-on-Don.

There are many interesting places to admire during a short vacation.

Of course, it does not have such a rich history if we compare Voronezh with the conditional Pskov or Veliky Novgorod, but a well-balanced urban environment can attract even the most discerning tourist.

In spring and summer, there is a riot of all kinds of vegetation, in its scope resembling a giant flowering garden.

The city is uncharacteristic for central Russia: due to the difference in elevation, a trip through this hilly area will be remembered for its regular ascents and descents.

Voronezh architecture deserves special mention, because in addition to ancient temples, not only buildings with a religious bias have been perfectly preserved to this day. So, it is worth noting the former Meshchanskaya police and fire department with a watchtower of the 19th century, now having a banal address - Karl Marx, 32.

Why should you choose Voronezh for travel?

Many Orthodox buildings have been erected in the district, pleasing the human eye for more than one century. With regard to such a formulation of the question, it is imperative to remember the figure of Mitrofan Voronezh, who made great efforts to establish faith in these parts. For which the priest was subsequently canonized. In those days, the area was considered dangerous due to the raids of cruel nomads that happened on the outskirts of the Wild Field with enviable constancy. This tense situation subsided only at the end of the 17th century.

Narrow city streets invariably give rise to associations with a visit to the southernmost regions. The coloring is quite impressive!

Why should you choose Voronezh for travel?

Surprising, but true: in Voronezh there is an antique museum, represented by the creations of the craftsmen of Ancient Egypt! A rich museum collection appeared in the city during the First World War, when part of the Yuryevsky (Dorpat) University was evacuated from the territory of modern Estonia. Yes, and remained in place.

Why should you choose Voronezh for travel?

The Art Nouveau architectural style is also not alien to Voronezh realities. Its striking representative is the Bristol Hotel.

Why should you choose Voronezh for travel?

On the central streets, chestnuts thrive with might and main, which come to life when spring comes. At this time, Voronezh acquires even greater beauty.

Along with the architectural styles of eclecticism, classicism, baroque and modern, the breath of the Stalinist period is felt here, expressed in the gigantic building of the Russian Railways Administration for the South-East direction.

Have you been to Voronezh?

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