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Buy air tickets online from St. Petersburg to Sochi

Checkintime compares prices for flights from Saint Petersburg to Sochi using data from 728 airlines, 200 ticket offices, and 5 booking systems. It is here that you can find the cheapest flights from St. Petersburg to Sochi for free, without extra charges and commissions.

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Schedule of flights from St. Petersburg to Sochi

Daily schedule of flights St. Petersburg - Sochi for 2022. Choose a convenient time to fly from St. Petersburg to Sochi.

Airfare from St. Petersburg to Sochi by day

The table shows the dates on which there were changes in the minimum price for the St. Petersburg - Sochi flight. Compare the cost of the flight by day if you want to get a cheap ticket from St. Petersburg to Sochi.

dateAirlinePriceTransplantationFlight number
2022-05-22Private flightfrom 10260 rubles.0 lane545
2022-05-23Russiafrom 9037 rubles.0 lane5615
2022-05-24Ural airlinesfrom 9168 rubles.1 lane80
2022-05-25Victoryfrom 10139 rubles.1 lane208
2022-05-26Mountain air companyfrom 9679 rubles.1 lane139
2022-05-27Ural airlinesfrom 8570 rubles.0 lane547
2022-05-28Russiafrom 9200 rubles.0 lane6569
2022-05-29aeroflotfrom 9200 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-05-30Russiafrom 9200 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-05-31Ural airlinesfrom 9569 rubles.0 lane27
2022-06-01Ural airlinesfrom 8725 rubles.0 lane27
2022-06-02Ural airlinesfrom 8725 rubles.0 lane123
2022-06-03Ural airlinesfrom 8725 rubles.0 lane27
2022-06-04aeroflotfrom 9295 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-06-05Mountain air companyfrom 11666 rubles.1 lane139
2022-06-06Russiafrom 9200 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-06-07Ural airlinesfrom 10770 rubles.0 lane27
2022-06-08Ural airlinesfrom 10150 rubles.0 lane123
2022-06-09Ural airlinesfrom 9720 rubles.0 lane547
2022-06-10Ural airlinesfrom 12970 rubles.0 lane123
2022-06-11aeroflotfrom 10937 rubles.1 lane2814
2022-06-12Russiafrom 13850 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-06-13Ural airlinesfrom 10770 rubles.0 lane27
2022-06-14Nordavia from 11146 rubles.0 lane547
2022-06-15Private flightfrom 11610 rubles.0 lane139
2022-06-16aeroflotfrom 9315 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-06-17Mountain air companyfrom 12131 rubles.0 lane139
2022-06-18Private flightfrom 10245 rubles.0 lane263
2022-06-19Mountain air companyfrom 10769 rubles.0 lane139
2022-06-20Nordavia from 11110 rubles.0 lane547
2022-06-21Mountain air companyfrom 10489 rubles.0 lane263
2022-06-22Russiafrom 13732 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-06-23Mountain air companyfrom 10489 rubles.0 lane139
2022-06-24Mountain air companyfrom 11536 rubles.0 lane139
2022-06-25Nordavia from 12147 rubles.0 lane547
2022-06-26Russiafrom 12456 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-06-27Mountain air companyfrom 11059 rubles.0 lane139
2022-06-28Mountain air companyfrom 10506 rubles.0 lane263
2022-06-29Mountain air companyfrom 11610 rubles.0 lane139
2022-06-30Mountain air companyfrom 11564 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-01Mountain air companyfrom 13133 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-02Russiafrom 13158 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-07-03aeroflotfrom 9216 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-07-04aeroflotfrom 9216 rubles.0 lane2814
2022-07-05Mountain air companyfrom 10374 rubles.0 lane263
2022-07-06Russiafrom 11280 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-07-07NordStar Airlinesfrom 10459 rubles.1 lane1062
2022-07-08Mountain air companyfrom 13160 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-09Victoryfrom 10793 rubles.0 lane305
2022-07-10Nordavia from 13051 rubles.0 lane547
2022-07-11Mountain air companyfrom 12640 rubles.1 lane148
2022-07-12Nordavia from 13607 rubles.0 lane547
2022-07-13Mountain air companyfrom 10888 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-14Mountain air companyfrom 11288 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-15Ural airlinesfrom 15766 rubles.0 lane27
2022-07-16Private flightfrom 13210 rubles.0 lane263
2022-07-17aeroflotfrom 9216 rubles.0 lane2814
2022-07-18Russiafrom 9216 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-07-19Mountain air companyfrom 9070 rubles.0 lane263
2022-07-20aeroflotfrom 9216 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-07-21aeroflotfrom 9370 rubles.0 lane6561
2022-07-22Private flightfrom 11640 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-23Nordavia from 11863 rubles.0 lane547
2022-07-24Ural airlinesfrom 10027 rubles.0 lane27
2022-07-25Mountain air companyfrom 10722 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-26Mountain air companyfrom 10056 rubles.0 lane263
2022-07-27Mountain air companyfrom 10520 rubles.0 lane139
2022-07-28Russiafrom 9715 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-07-29aeroflotfrom 9216 rubles.0 lane2814
2022-07-30Nordavia from 13558 rubles.0 lane547
2022-07-31Mountain air companyfrom 12313 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-01aeroflotfrom 15189 rubles.1 lane31
2022-08-02Russiafrom 13750 rubles.1 lane6057
2022-08-03Ural airlinesfrom 16075 rubles.1 lane80
2022-08-04aeroflotfrom 14343 rubles.1 lane23
2022-08-05Ural airlinesfrom 15080 rubles.1 lane60
2022-08-06Mountain air companyfrom 12782 rubles.1 lane263
2022-08-07aeroflotfrom 12920 rubles.1 lane35
2022-08-08aeroflotfrom 14464 rubles.0 lane6057
2022-08-09Mountain air companyfrom 13820 rubles.0 lane263
2022-08-10Ural airlinesfrom 13440 rubles.1 lane27
2022-08-11Ural airlinesfrom 11759 rubles.1 lane27
2022-08-12S7from 14625 rubles.1 lane1028
2022-08-13Private flightfrom 20460 rubles.0 lane547
2022-08-14Russiafrom 12657 rubles.1 lane6567
2022-08-15S7from 13655 rubles.1 lane1028
2022-08-16Mountain air companyfrom 9190 rubles.0 lane263
2022-08-17Mountain air companyfrom 9190 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-18Mountain air companyfrom 8715 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-19Mountain air companyfrom 8715 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-20Mountain air companyfrom 8809 rubles.0 lane263
2022-08-21Mountain air companyfrom 8809 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-22S7from 11050 rubles.1 lane1016
2022-08-23Private flightfrom 16010 rubles.0 lane545
2022-08-24S7from 11350 rubles.1 lane1028
2022-08-25Mountain air companyfrom 8355 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-26S7from 13355 rubles.1 lane1014
2022-08-27Mountain air companyfrom 8970 rubles.0 lane263
2022-08-28Mountain air companyfrom 8971 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-29Mountain air companyfrom 9520 rubles.0 lane139
2022-08-30Mountain air companyfrom 8455 rubles.0 lane263
2022-08-31Ural airlinesfrom 9052 rubles.0 lane27
2022-09-01Mountain air companyfrom 8820 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-02Mountain air companyfrom 8355 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-03Ural airlinesfrom 8994 rubles.0 lane27
2022-09-04Private flightfrom 8970 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-05Mountain air companyfrom 8355 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-06S7from 12320 rubles.1 lane1016
2022-09-07Private flightfrom 16010 rubles.0 lane545
2022-09-08Mountain air companyfrom 8449 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-09Private flightfrom 13760 rubles.1 lane597
2022-09-10Mountain air companyfrom 8405 rubles.0 lane263
2022-09-11Private flightfrom 14240 rubles.1 lane531
2022-09-12Russiafrom 9216 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-09-13Mountain air companyfrom 8455 rubles.0 lane263
2022-09-14Private flightfrom 16010 rubles.0 lane545
2022-09-15Mountain air companyfrom 9020 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-16Private flightfrom 8085 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-17Ural airlinesfrom 9300 rubles.0 lane27
2022-09-18Mountain air companyfrom 8473 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-19Mountain air companyfrom 8455 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-20Mountain air companyfrom 8920 rubles.0 lane263
2022-09-21Mountain air companyfrom 8455 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-22Private flightfrom 14960 rubles.0 lane545
2022-09-23Mountain air companyfrom 9002 rubles.0 lane139
2022-09-24Mountain air companyfrom 8505 rubles.0 lane263
2022-09-25Private flightfrom 14940 rubles.1 lane531
2022-09-26Private flightfrom 14240 rubles.1 lane531
2022-09-27S7from 11050 rubles.1 lane1020
2022-09-28Private flightfrom 14960 rubles.0 lane545
2022-09-29Mountain air companyfrom 10794 rubles.1 lane139
2022-09-30Private flightfrom 13760 rubles.1 lane597
2022-10-01S7from 11050 rubles.1 lane1020
2022-10-02Mountain air companyfrom 7855 rubles.0 lane139
2022-10-03Private flightfrom 13540 rubles.1 lane531
2022-10-06Mountain air companyfrom 9020 rubles.0 lane139
2022-10-08Mountain air companyfrom 11570 rubles.0 lane139
2022-10-09Private flightfrom 17160 rubles.0 lane547
2022-10-10Mountain air companyfrom 12010 rubles.1 lane139
2022-10-13Mountain air companyfrom 13360 rubles.1 lane139
2022-10-17Mountain air companyfrom 17890 rubles.1 lane139
2022-10-18Mountain air companyfrom 15430 rubles.1 lane139
2022-10-19aeroflotfrom 9230 rubles.0 lane6567
2022-10-20Mountain air companyfrom 13930 rubles.1 lane139
2022-10-23Mountain air companyfrom 14180 rubles.1 lane139
2022-10-30Ural airlinesfrom 16185 rubles.1 lane80
2022-11-08Ural airlinesfrom 16185 rubles.1 lane80
2023-02-01Ural airlinesfrom 19380 rubles.1 lane80

Airlines flying from St. Petersburg to Sochi

S7,aeroflot,Transaero,Ural airlines,Aircompany Yakutia,Utair,VIM-AVIA,Victory,Athens Airways,Express One International,Belavia Belarusian Airlines,Nordavia ,Russia,DONAVIA,Southern Winds Airlines,Turkish Airlines,British Airways,Air France,KLM,Ukraine International Airlines

Promotions for flights from St. Petersburg to Sochi

At the moment, no promotions, airline offers or discounts on air tickets were found for the flight from St. Petersburg to Sochi. Please try to visit this page later or look for discounts on flights in the section "shares».

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If you want to buy a ticket from St. Petersburg to Sochi, then use the search form. In the column "city of departure" indicate "St. Petersburg", in the column "city of arrival" indicate "Sochi", select the date of departure and the required number of seats.

After you fill in all the necessary fields, you will be presented with a list of possible flights, from which you can choose and buy the one that is most suitable. The list will contain the following information: departure date, airline, ticket price from St. Petersburg to Sochi. Also, flights will be split taking into account the availability of transfers (direct and 1-2 transfers).

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