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Buy airline tickets online from to Warsaw

Checkintime compares prices for flights from Warsaw based on data from 728 airlines, 200 ticket offices, and 5 booking systems. It is here that you can find the cheapest flights from to Warsaw absolutely free of charge, without extra charges and commissions.

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Flight schedule from Warsaw

Daily flight schedule - Warsaw for 2022. Choose a convenient time to fly from Warsaw.

Airfare from Warsaw by days

The table shows the dates on which there were changes in the minimum price for the flight to Warsaw. Compare the cost of the flight by day if you want to get a cheap ticket from Warsaw.

dateAirlinePriceTransplantationFlight number
2022-07-02TAP Portugalfrom 131974 rubles.1 lane202
2022-07-04British Airwaysfrom 107686 rubles.1 lane180
2022-07-05American Airlinesfrom 78289 rubles.2 lane4380
2022-07-07British Airwaysfrom 91656 rubles.1 lane5484
2022-07-09British Airwaysfrom 64535 rubles.1 lane180
2022-07-11British Airwaysfrom 79762 rubles.1 lane180
2022-07-14British Airwaysfrom 47396 rubles.1 lane180
2022-07-15British Airwaysfrom 82700 rubles.1 lane180
2022-07-16Swiss International Air Linesfrom 78188 rubles.1 lane19
2022-07-18British Airwaysfrom 75616 rubles.1 lane180
2022-07-20TAP Portugalfrom 145093 rubles.2 lane202
2022-07-21Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 76456 rubles.1 lane904
2022-07-25LOT Polish Airlinesfrom 110459 rubles.0 lane12
2022-07-28Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 67063 rubles.1 lane904
2022-07-29Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 50533 rubles.1 lane904
2022-07-30LOT Polish Airlinesfrom 118919 rubles.0 lane12
2022-07-31United Airlinesfrom 63412 rubles.2 lane30
2022-08-01Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 40361 rubles.2 lane904
2022-08-02Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 46860 rubles.2 lane904
2022-08-04Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 49221 rubles.2 lane904
2022-08-06Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 52107 rubles.1 lane908
2022-08-10Lufthansafrom 42299 rubles.2 lane413
2022-08-11British Airwaysfrom 38387 rubles.2 lane180
2022-08-12British Airwaysfrom 55934 rubles.2 lane184
2022-08-13United Airlinesfrom 46182 rubles.2 lane1612
2022-08-14Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 46860 rubles.1 lane908
2022-08-16British Airwaysfrom 28680 rubles.1 lane180
2022-08-17Lufthansafrom 54836 rubles.1 lane413
2022-08-18United Airlinesfrom 62235 rubles.1 lane7608
2022-08-19British Airwaysfrom 30960 rubles.1 lane180
2022-08-22Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 25365 rubles.2 lane908
2022-08-24Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 27030 rubles.2 lane908
2022-08-25Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 29700 rubles.1 lane902
2022-08-28Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 29858 rubles.2 lane908
2022-09-02Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 28715 rubles.1 lane910
2022-09-04Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 26872 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-05Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 24765 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-10Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 26342 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-11Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 26872 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-12Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 26554 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-13Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 26543 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-14American Airlinesfrom 28129 rubles.2 lane2485
2022-09-16Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 25146 rubles.2 lane908
2022-09-17Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 23426 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-19Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 23591 rubles.1 lane904
2022-09-21Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 26754 rubles.2 lane908
2022-09-26Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 23956 rubles.1 lane910
2022-09-27Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 25744 rubles.1 lane910
2022-10-05Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 27698 rubles.1 lane904
2022-10-11British Airwaysfrom 30015 rubles.1 lane6972
2022-10-13United Airlinesfrom 30948 rubles.1 lane30
2022-10-19Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 26552 rubles.2 lane908
2022-10-21Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 27589 rubles.2 lane908
2022-12-11Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 31051 rubles.1 lane904
2022-12-17Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 49641 rubles.2 lane908
2022-12-18LOT Polish Airlinesfrom 62865 rubles.0 lane16
2023-02-24Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 27019 rubles.2 lane908
2023-02-25Scandinavian Airlinesfrom 25780 rubles.2 lane904
2023-04-09TAP Portugalfrom 35086 rubles.1 lane202
2023-04-26TAP Portugalfrom 25202 rubles.1 lane202
2023-05-01TAP Portugalfrom 22150 rubles.1 lane202

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At the moment, no promotions, airline offers or discounts on airline tickets were found for the flight from Warsaw. Please try to visit this page later or look for discounts on flights in the section "shares».

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If you want to buy a ticket from to Warsaw, then use the search form. In the column “city of departure” indicate “Newark”, in the column “city of arrival” indicate “Warsaw”, select the date of departure and the required number of seats.

After you fill in all the necessary fields, you will be presented with a list of possible flights, from which you can choose and buy the one that is most suitable. The list will contain the following information: departure date, airline, ticket price from to Warsaw. Also, flights will be split taking into account the availability of transfers (direct and 1-2 transfers).

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