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Buy air tickets online from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk

Чекинтайм сравнивает цены на авиабилеты из Москвы в Красноярск по данным 728 авиакомпаний, 200 авиакасс и 5 систем бронирования. Именно у нас вы сможете найти самые дешевые авиабилеты из Москвы в Красноярск совершенно бесплатно, без наценок и комиссий.

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Schedule of flights from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk

Daily schedule of flights Moscow - Krasnoyarsk for 2022. Choose a convenient time to fly from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk.

Airfare from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk by day

The table shows the dates on which there were changes in the minimum price for the Moscow - Krasnoyarsk flight. Compare the cost of the flight by day if you want to get a cheap ticket from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk.

dateAirlinePriceTransplantationFlight number
2022-05-22Utairfrom 15030 rubles.0 lane571
2022-05-23Victoryfrom 15059 rubles.0 lane417
2022-05-24S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-05-25Private flightfrom 17076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-05-26S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-05-27S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-05-28aeroflotfrom 10230 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-05-29S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-05-30S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-05-31NordStar Airlinesfrom 10039 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-01Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-02Mountain air companyfrom 19539 rubles.1 lane225
2022-06-03S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-06-04Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-05S7from 14272 rubles.1 lane2513
2022-06-06S7from 15532 rubles.1 lane2511
2022-06-07Mountain air companyfrom 10842 rubles.0 lane293
2022-06-08S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-06-09S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-06-10Ural airlinesfrom 15020 rubles.1 lane299
2022-06-11aeroflotfrom 10370 rubles.0 lane1488
2022-06-12aeroflotfrom 10230 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-06-13Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-14Mountain air companyfrom 11342 rubles.0 lane293
2022-06-15Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-16Private flightfrom 14838 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-17aeroflotfrom 10370 rubles.0 lane1486
2022-06-18aeroflotfrom 10240 rubles.0 lane1486
2022-06-19S7from 15532 rubles.1 lane2513
2022-06-20Private flightfrom 14838 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-21NordStar Airlinesfrom 10430 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-22aeroflotfrom 10230 rubles.0 lane1484
2022-06-23Private flightfrom 13838 rubles.0 lane117
2022-06-24Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-25S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-06-26Nordavia from 9680 rubles.0 lane201
2022-06-27aeroflotfrom 10230 rubles.0 lane1486
2022-06-28S7from 15532 rubles.1 lane2505
2022-06-29Private flightfrom 14838 rubles.0 lane107
2022-06-30NordStar Airlinesfrom 8722 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-01S7from 15532 rubles.1 lane2507
2022-07-02Utairfrom 14745 rubles.0 lane571
2022-07-03aeroflotfrom 10160 rubles.0 lane1486
2022-07-04S7from 15532 rubles.1 lane2511
2022-07-05S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-07-06S7from 15532 rubles.1 lane2509
2022-07-07NordStar Airlinesfrom 8722 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-08aeroflotfrom 10370 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-07-09aeroflotfrom 10240 rubles.0 lane1480
2022-07-10Nordavia from 10180 rubles.0 lane201
2022-07-11aeroflotfrom 10230 rubles.0 lane1486
2022-07-12aeroflotfrom 10499 rubles.0 lane1488
2022-07-13S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-07-14S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-07-15NordStar Airlinesfrom 8722 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-16NordStar Airlinesfrom 8706 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-17NordStar Airlinesfrom 8722 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-18aeroflotfrom 10370 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-07-19Mountain air companyfrom 9972 rubles.0 lane293
2022-07-20Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-21aeroflotfrom 10230 rubles.0 lane1488
2022-07-22Nordavia from 14745 rubles.0 lane201
2022-07-23S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-07-24Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-25aeroflotfrom 10340 rubles.0 lane1486
2022-07-26Private flightfrom 14838 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-27Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-28Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-07-29S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-07-30S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-07-31aeroflotfrom 10160 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-08-01aeroflotfrom 10370 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-08-02Mountain air companyfrom 10170 rubles.0 lane293
2022-08-03Private flightfrom 14838 rubles.0 lane117
2022-08-04S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-05Nordavia from 10430 rubles.0 lane201
2022-08-06S7from 16792 rubles.1 lane2513
2022-08-07S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-08aeroflotfrom 10230 rubles.0 lane1484
2022-08-09Mountain air companyfrom 9972 rubles.0 lane293
2022-08-10Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-11NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-12Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-13aeroflotfrom 10370 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-08-14NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-15aeroflotfrom 10340 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-08-16S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-17S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-18S7from 26570 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-19Nordavia from 10430 rubles.0 lane201
2022-08-20aeroflotfrom 10370 rubles.0 lane1482
2022-08-21NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-22S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-23Private flightfrom 16338 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-24Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-25S7from 25320 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-26NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-27S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-28S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-08-29Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-30Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-08-31Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-01S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-02Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-03Private flightfrom 21076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-04NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-05Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-06Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-07Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-08Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-09S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-10S7from 22970 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-11NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-12NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-13Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-14Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-15Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-16S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-17S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-18S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-19S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-20Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-21Private flightfrom 20076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-22Private flightfrom 20076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-23Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-24Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-25Private flightfrom 10260 rubles.0 lane201
2022-09-26Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-27Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-28Private flightfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-09-29S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-09-30S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-10-01S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-10-02S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-10-03S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-10-04S7from 20470 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-10-05Private flightfrom 19076 rubles.0 lane107
2022-10-06NordStar Airlinesfrom 8600 rubles.0 lane107
2022-10-07S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-10-08S7from 22720 rubles.0 lane4547
2022-10-09Private flightfrom 10260 rubles.0 lane201
2022-10-15Victoryfrom 17637 rubles.0 lane417
2022-10-29Private flightfrom 17637 rubles.0 lane417

Airlines flying from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk

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Promotions for the flight from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk

At the moment, no promotions, airline offers or discounts on air tickets were found for the flight from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk. Please try to visit this page later or look for discounts on flights in the section "shares».

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If you want to buy a ticket from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk, then use the search form. In the column “city of departure” indicate “Moscow”, in the column “city of arrival” indicate “Krasnoyarsk”, select the date of departure and the required number of seats.

After you fill in all the necessary fields, you will be presented with a list of possible flights, from which you can choose and buy the one that is most suitable. The list will contain the following information: departure date, airline, ticket price from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk. Also, flights will be split taking into account the availability of transfers (direct and 1-2 transfers).

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