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Buy air tickets online from Moscow to Antalya

Checkintime compares prices for flights from Moscow to Antalya using data from 728 airlines, 200 booking offices and 5 booking systems. It is here that you can find the cheapest flights from Moscow to Antalya for free, without extra charges and commissions.

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Schedule of flights from Moscow to Antalya

Daily schedule of flights Moscow - Antalya for 2022. Choose a convenient time to fly from Moscow to Antalya.

Airfare from Moscow to Antalya by day

The table shows the dates on which there were changes in the minimum price for the Moscow - Antalya flight. Compare the cost of the flight by day if you want to get a cheap ticket from Moscow to Antalya.

dateAirlinePriceTransplantationFlight number
2022-05-22NordStar Airlinesfrom 39090 rubles.2 lane402
2022-05-23aeroflotfrom 38540 rubles.1 lane1110
2022-05-24Utairfrom 37148 rubles.2 lane249
2022-05-25Private flightfrom 46412 rubles.0 lane79
2022-05-26Private flightfrom 51424 rubles.0 lane79
2022-05-27Red Wingsfrom 41379 rubles.1 lane79
2022-05-28aeroflotfrom 41900 rubles.1 lane1110
2022-05-29aeroflotfrom 38740 rubles.1 lane1176
2022-05-30aeroflotfrom 38540 rubles.1 lane1594
2022-05-31aeroflotfrom 41869 rubles.2 lane1116
2022-06-01Private flightfrom 43607 rubles.0 lane73
2022-06-02aeroflotfrom 41632 rubles.2 lane1118
2022-06-03Mountain air companyfrom 35448 rubles.1 lane315
2022-06-04Pegasus Airlinesfrom 52834 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-06-05Utairfrom 36125 rubles.1 lane267
2022-06-06Private flightfrom 63196 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-06-07Pegasus Airlinesfrom 51855 rubles.0 lane1577
2022-06-08aeroflotfrom 35260 rubles.1 lane1592
2022-06-09aeroflotfrom 34820 rubles.1 lane1128
2022-06-10aeroflotfrom 51911 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-06-11Private flightfrom 46412 rubles.0 lane79
2022-06-12aeroflotfrom 34663 rubles.1 lane2136
2022-06-13aeroflotfrom 32080 rubles.1 lane1134
2022-06-14Russiafrom 29880 rubles.1 lane6717
2022-06-15aeroflotfrom 29465 rubles.1 lane1134
2022-06-16aeroflotfrom 36966 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-06-17Russiafrom 32245 rubles.1 lane6891
2022-06-18aeroflotfrom 29470 rubles.1 lane1130
2022-06-19aeroflotfrom 29440 rubles.1 lane1118
2022-06-20Russiafrom 29945 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-06-21Russiafrom 27900 rubles.1 lane6499
2022-06-22aeroflotfrom 26623 rubles.1 lane1128
2022-06-23aeroflotfrom 25300 rubles.1 lane1136
2022-06-24aeroflotfrom 30441 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-06-25Russiafrom 25300 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-06-26aeroflotfrom 25300 rubles.1 lane1134
2022-06-27aeroflotfrom 27771 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-06-28Russiafrom 25320 rubles.1 lane6717
2022-06-29aeroflotfrom 22830 rubles.1 lane1116
2022-06-30Russiafrom 24050 rubles.1 lane6499
2022-07-01aeroflotfrom 28306 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-07-02Russiafrom 25105 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-07-03Russiafrom 25170 rubles.1 lane6891
2022-07-04Russiafrom 24079 rubles.1 lane6711
2022-07-05aeroflotfrom 23980 rubles.1 lane1130
2022-07-06aeroflotfrom 23975 rubles.1 lane1138
2022-07-07aeroflotfrom 24079 rubles.1 lane1138
2022-07-08aeroflotfrom 24963 rubles.0 lane2748
2022-07-09Russiafrom 24080 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-07-10Victoryfrom 28723 rubles.1 lane123
2022-07-11aeroflotfrom 23649 rubles.1 lane1594
2022-07-12aeroflotfrom 22043 rubles.1 lane1130
2022-07-13Private flightfrom 26712 rubles.0 lane73
2022-07-14Private flightfrom 23363 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-07-15aeroflotfrom 23495 rubles.1 lane1116
2022-07-16Russiafrom 22546 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-07-17aeroflotfrom 22546 rubles.1 lane1130
2022-07-18aeroflotfrom 25138 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-07-19aeroflotfrom 20469 rubles.1 lane1128
2022-07-20aeroflotfrom 20469 rubles.1 lane1134
2022-07-21Russiafrom 21471 rubles.1 lane6499
2022-07-22aeroflotfrom 23361 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-07-23Russiafrom 22546 rubles.1 lane6717
2022-07-24aeroflotfrom 21870 rubles.1 lane2146
2022-07-25aeroflotfrom 21640 rubles.1 lane1118
2022-07-26aeroflotfrom 21030 rubles.1 lane1592
2022-07-27aeroflotfrom 23361 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-07-28Russiafrom 20450 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-07-29Russiafrom 21030 rubles.1 lane6499
2022-07-30Russiafrom 21718 rubles.1 lane6717
2022-07-31aeroflotfrom 24583 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-01aeroflotfrom 27631 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-02aeroflotfrom 21850 rubles.1 lane1130
2022-08-03aeroflotfrom 21093 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-08-04aeroflotfrom 23361 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-08-05aeroflotfrom 22410 rubles.1 lane1592
2022-08-06Russiafrom 22113 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-08-07Russiafrom 21510 rubles.1 lane6891
2022-08-08aeroflotfrom 22040 rubles.1 lane1130
2022-08-09aeroflotfrom 20469 rubles.1 lane1592
2022-08-10aeroflotfrom 20380 rubles.1 lane2148
2022-08-11aeroflotfrom 21310 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-12Russiafrom 21740 rubles.1 lane6711
2022-08-13Private flightfrom 26342 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-08-14aeroflotfrom 22141 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-15aeroflotfrom 21720 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-08-16Private flightfrom 22141 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-17aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-18Private flightfrom 22840 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-19aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2748
2022-08-20aeroflotfrom 21740 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-08-21aeroflotfrom 20170 rubles.1 lane1176
2022-08-22aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-23aeroflotfrom 21610 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-08-24aeroflotfrom 21610 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-08-25aeroflotfrom 21850 rubles.1 lane1134
2022-08-26Private flightfrom 22682 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-27Russiafrom 21850 rubles.1 lane6711
2022-08-28aeroflotfrom 21628 rubles.1 lane1138
2022-08-29aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-08-30Private flightfrom 22682 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-08-31Red Wingsfrom 28407 rubles.0 lane73
2022-09-01Russiafrom 20225 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-09-02aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-09-03Russiafrom 20332 rubles.1 lane6717
2022-09-04aeroflotfrom 24563 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-09-05aeroflotfrom 20332 rubles.1 lane1130
2022-09-06aeroflotfrom 20921 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-09-07aeroflotfrom 21850 rubles.1 lane1134
2022-09-08aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-09-09aeroflotfrom 22246 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-10aeroflotfrom 21390 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-09-11aeroflotfrom 19960 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-12Russiafrom 21628 rubles.1 lane6499
2022-09-13aeroflotfrom 20921 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-14Private flightfrom 20921 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-15aeroflotfrom 19721 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-16aeroflotfrom 20921 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-17aeroflotfrom 20320 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-09-18aeroflotfrom 21941 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-09-19aeroflotfrom 20180 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-20aeroflotfrom 21610 rubles.1 lane1124
2022-09-21aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-09-22Private flightfrom 22682 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-23Private flightfrom 22682 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-24aeroflotfrom 21610 rubles.1 lane1128
2022-09-25aeroflotfrom 21628 rubles.1 lane1592
2022-09-26aeroflotfrom 21628 rubles.1 lane1138
2022-09-27Turkish Airlinesfrom 34496 rubles.0 lane4002
2022-09-28aeroflotfrom 22840 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-09-29Russiafrom 21795 rubles.1 lane6893
2022-09-30aeroflotfrom 22840 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-01aeroflotfrom 24276 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-10-02Private flightfrom 20921 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-03aeroflotfrom 20090 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-10-04Private flightfrom 22682 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-05aeroflotfrom 21860 rubles.1 lane1138
2022-10-06aeroflotfrom 20921 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-07aeroflotfrom 21850 rubles.1 lane1134
2022-10-08aeroflotfrom 20320 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-10-09aeroflotfrom 20921 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-10-10aeroflotfrom 20254 rubles.0 lane2146
2022-10-11aeroflotfrom 19981 rubles.1 lane2148
2022-10-12aeroflotfrom 19981 rubles.1 lane2146
2022-10-13aeroflotfrom 19981 rubles.1 lane2148
2022-10-14aeroflotfrom 21345 rubles.1 lane2146
2022-10-15aeroflotfrom 20525 rubles.1 lane1140
2022-10-16Turkish Airlinesfrom 29629 rubles.0 lane4002
2022-10-17aeroflotfrom 21754 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-10-18aeroflotfrom 19515 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-19aeroflotfrom 21927 rubles.1 lane2148
2022-10-20aeroflotfrom 19515 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-22aeroflotfrom 21261 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-10-24aeroflotfrom 19341 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-27aeroflotfrom 21007 rubles.0 lane2148
2022-10-29aeroflotfrom 21058 rubles.0 lane2142
2022-10-30Turkish Airlinesfrom 33614 rubles.0 lane4002
2022-10-31Private flightfrom 16362 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-11-01Pegasus Airlinesfrom 14648 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-11-07Pegasus Airlinesfrom 11170 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-11-08Private flightfrom 12142 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-11-14Pegasus Airlinesfrom 10730 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-11-15Pegasus Airlinesfrom 9986 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-11-19Private flightfrom 11137 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-11-21Private flightfrom 12142 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-12-01Private flightfrom 12142 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-12-05Private flightfrom 12142 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-12-12Private flightfrom 11137 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-12-15Private flightfrom 13747 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-12-17Pegasus Airlinesfrom 18417 rubles.0 lane1581
2022-12-31Pegasus Airlinesfrom 15129 rubles.1 lane387
2023-01-02Pegasus Airlinesfrom 14893 rubles.1 lane389
2023-01-17Pegasus Airlinesfrom 11135 rubles.0 lane1581

Airlines flying from Moscow to Antalya

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Promotions for flights from Moscow to Antalya

At the moment, no promotions, airline offers or discounts on air tickets were found for the flight from Moscow to Antalya. Please try to visit this page later or look for discounts on flights in the section "shares».

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If you want to buy a ticket from Moscow to Antalya, then use the search form. In the column “city of departure” indicate “Moscow”, in the column “city of arrival” indicate “Antalya”, select the date of departure and the required number of seats.

After you fill in all the necessary fields, you will be presented with a list of possible flights, from which you can choose and buy the one that is most suitable. The list will contain the following information: departure date, airline, ticket price from Moscow to Antalya. Also, flights will be split taking into account the availability of transfers (direct and 1-2 transfers).

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