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Checkintime searches for cheap air tickets to all cities of the world among the offers of 728 airlines, 200 ticket offices and 5 booking systems. We will find the cheapest flights, discount promotions, special offers of airline companies for free, without fees and extra charges.

In this section 707 376 flights, which are sorted by popularity based on flight searches. Follow the link for more information on the flight.

658442Frankfurt am Main - Munichlufthansa Cargo
655495Frankfurt am Main - MunichLufthansa
635705Anapa - SochiUTair Aviation
626738Munich - Frankfurt am Mainlufthansa Cargo
625487Munich - Frankfurt am MainLufthansa
538463Sochi - AnapaUTair Aviation
454940Omsk - NovosibirskS7 Airlines
316332Novosibirsk - OmskS7 Airlines
302663Istanbul - CairoTurkish Airlines
289178Cairo - IstanbulTurkish Airlines
261356Istanbul - AmsterdamKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
252908Amsterdam - IstanbulKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
252234Istanbul - Frankfurt am MainLufthansa
252162Istanbul - Frankfurt am Mainlufthansa Cargo
249795Istanbul - Tel AvivTurkish Airlines
240760Moscow - SimferopolUral Airlines
240138Moscow - SimferopolS7 Airlines
237903Moscow - SimferopolAeroflot Russian Airlines
231000Simferopol - SochiUral Airlines
226896Moscow - SimferopolAircompany Yakutia
222499Novosibirsk - ChelyabinskS7 Airlines
217559Moscow - SimferopolVIM Airlines
213640Moscow - SimferopolRed Wings
213637Frankfurt am Main - ViennaAustrian Airlines
207071Istanbul - Frankfurt am MainTurkish Airlines
206295Vienna - Frankfurt am MainAustrian Airlines
202885Moscow - SimferopolTransaero Airlines
201622Anapa - YekaterinburgAeroflot Russian Airlines
192293Moscow - SimferopolCiel Canadien
186226Tel Aviv - IstanbulTurkish Airlines
185686Frankfurt am Main - IstanbulTurkish Airlines
184893Anapa - SurgutUTair Aviation
180408Chelyabinsk - NovosibirskS7 Airlines
179368Amsterdam - Frankfurt am MainKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
175474Dubai - IstanbulTurkish Airlines
175285Krasnodar - Mineralnye VodySouthern Winds Airlines
170415Zurich - GenevaSwiss International Air Lines
167937Istanbul - DohaQatar Airways
167545Geneva - ZurichSwiss International Air Lines
162122Anapa - UfaUTair Aviation
153576Mineralnye Vody - KrasnodarSouthern Winds Airlines
153297Istanbul - MinskTurkish Airlines
151620Frankfurt am Main - AmsterdamKLM Royal Dutch Airlines
150621Anapa - UfaAeroflot Russian Airlines
147644Tyumen - YekaterinburgUTair Aviation
145702Moscow - SimferopolUTair Aviation
144486Amsterdam - IstanbulTurkish Airlines
144293Doha - IstanbulQatar Airways
144209Istanbul - AmsterdamTurkish Airlines
139109Doha - MaleQatar Airways
135045Surgut - NovosibirskS7 Airlines
132652Istanbul - ViennaTurkish Airlines
130486Istanbul - WarsawLOT Polish Airlines
129448Frankfurt am Main - BerlinLufthansa
129290Warsaw - Frankfurt am Mainlufthansa Cargo
128576Frankfurt am Main - Berlinlufthansa Cargo
128477Warsaw - Frankfurt am MainLufthansa
128456Yekaterinburg - TyumenUTair Aviation
126907Sochi - Mineralnye VodyUTair Aviation
126463Irkutsk - KrasnoyarskAeroflot Russian Airlines
125794Kazan - NovosibirskS7 Airlines
124312Saint Petersburg - KaliningradRed Wings
123574Novosibirsk - TyumenS7 Airlines
122194Novosibirsk - KazanS7 Airlines
121296Frankfurt am Main - Warsawlufthansa Cargo
120974Frankfurt am Main - WarsawLufthansa
120811Novosibirsk - UfaS7 Airlines
120752Warsaw - IstanbulLOT Polish Airlines
120680Istanbul - BerlinTurkish Airlines
120650Istanbul - BelgradeTurkish Airlines
118760Frankfurt am Main - Zurichlufthansa Cargo
118593Frankfurt am Main - ZurichLufthansa
117641Zurich - Frankfurt am MainSwiss International Air Lines
117083Istanbul - GroznyUTair Aviation
115722Istanbul - AthensTurkish Airlines
114538Doha - DubaiQatar Airways
113353Tyumen - NovosibirskS7 Airlines
112657Berlin - Frankfurt am Mainlufthansa Cargo
112300Berlin - Frankfurt am MainLufthansa
111189Kazan - UfaUTair Aviation
108823Belgrade - IstanbulTurkish Airlines
108734Grozny - IstanbulUTair Aviation
108168Frankfurt am Main - WarsawLOT Polish Airlines
107801Ufa - NovosibirskS7 Airlines
107506Miami - DallasAmerican Airlines
106574Anapa - PermAeroflot Russian Airlines
105928Novosibirsk - KemerovoS7 Airlines
105357Istanbul - KazanTurkish Airlines
105286Miami - CharlotteAmerican Airlines
104387Doha - BangkokQatar Airways
103376Samara - NovosibirskS7 Airlines
102169Anapa - KazanAeroflot Russian Airlines
101044Dubai - DohaQatar Airways
100305Warsaw - Frankfurt am MainLOT Polish Airlines
99908Sochi - KazanFirst Choice Airways
99472Zurich - Frankfurt am Mainlufthansa Cargo
99256Anapa - SamaraAeroflot Russian Airlines
98980Zurich - Frankfurt am MainLufthansa
98277Anapa - TyumenUTair Aviation
97264Istanbul - Rostov-on-DonTurkish Airlines