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Going to Turkey for the first time? Useful tips for beginners

Personal experience

This article is useful for those who have never been to Turkey, but are going to visit it.

But even experienced travelers will find it interesting.

Unfortunately, for some it has become the norm to cash in on tourists. Today we will touch on the most popular ones.

The trained eye of the locals has long learned to distinguish visitors, who themselves often believe that deception in resorts is something ephemeral.

Therefore, if you know the approximate schemes, the risk of financial damage will decrease significantly.

Going to Turkey for the first time? Useful tips for beginners

So, let's go.

1. Taxi. Immediately discuss the amount of the trip, if there is a meter in the car, make sure it is in working order.

2. Prepare small lire bills in advance. Sometimes drivers do not have change, and they recalculate dollars at a slightly different rate. Of course, for the benefit of yourself. Check out after arriving at the desired point, when the luggage is pulled out. There were times when a taxi driver, annoyed by a payment, suddenly left, quickly disappearing over the horizon. Along with the purchases of an unlucky customer.

3. Bus excursions. First, ask what is included in the ticket price. Sometimes the guides assure that everything, but in reality it turns out completely differently: one price for a trip, another for an excursion.

4. Do you like walking around the markets? Be sure to keep some change with you when planning to buy a souvenir or a beautiful trinket. An unscrupulous salesperson can foist a fake change, and the police will close their eyes, not going to rip the butt out.

5. Cafe. When you see snacks cooked on the table, ask if you have to pay for them. Otherwise, you will be presented with a bill that goes against your original expectations. Pay special attention to the menu and the established rates. Often, cunning people write only numbers, bypassing the denomination. For example, you decide to order a cup of coffee for 10. And as a result, the owner is stunned by the news that the price for the drink is indicated not in lira, but in conventional euros. Such people are used to evaluating the behavior and appearance of the visitor. Roughly speaking, look for fools from abroad.

6. It also happens that on a banal walk, flowers are extended to your companion. The strangers smile sweetly and then demand money. Feel free to ignore such gestures.

7. If the child is trying to "present" a ball or toy, do the same. The announced cost will definitely be higher than in the nearest trade booth.

8. Shop. You have purchased several items, and the polite salesman offers you a cup of invigorating tea. At this time, another person is busy packing the purchased items. A surprise will happen at the hotel when not a trace of the former mood remains. When sorting out purchases, you will miss a couple of positions, although everything is carefully spelled out in the check.

No need to be distracted by extraneous matters, let them pack their purchases with you.

9. The hotel guide makes an offer to shop at a low price. They say that his acquaintances will make a luxurious discount for you. Usually, such requests appear on the second day of arrival, because the employee knows perfectly well that the Russian has money and has not yet settled in a new place. Having taken such a rash step, then do not be discouraged if you see the same product at half the price.

Forewarned is forearmed. Never lose your vigilance, even on vacation!

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